Linden Collection

Discover our first Linden collection, created in collaboration with designer Rony Plesl.

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Rony Plesl

Rony Plesl is a leading Czech artist, sculptor, designer, and professor whose sources of inspiration stem from deep knowledge of art history. He has always been fascinated by the geometry and intimacy of the Italian Renaissance and the architectural richness of the Baroque. At the beginning of his career, he spent four years in Venice, learning from Italian glass masters.

"The linden tree, a mighty tree that is a witness to the former glassworks, has once again become a symbol of the new glassworks and my greatest inspiration. I have projected the shapes of linden leaves into the entire Linden collection, which thus combines the beauty and perfection of natural geometry with the incredible lightness and elegance of hand-blown glass."


All Izaak Reich glasses are produced in our modern glassworks, constructed in 2022 on the historic farm Zikmundov, near the original glassworks where Izaak Reich commenced his glassmaking journey.

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Care of the glasses

Our glasses will last for years with proper care and the right products. We have prepared a series of tips to help you achieve great results when caring for your Izaak Reich glasses.

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