The story behind the brand

The concept of restoring the glassworks began to take shape at the ancient Zikmundov farm in Stare Hute in the mind of its owner, Adam Havlicek, around 2019. The initial inspiration was the accidental discovery of materials about the history of the Reich family and the former renown of the local glassworks.

This story sparked the somewhat ambitious idea of reviving glassmaking where it had vanished 150 years ago and where only the name of the village - Stare Hute (i.e. the old glassworks)- served as a reminder of its past glory. The idea evolved into a plan, and over the next two years, Adam Havlicek visited numerous glassworks across Europe to determine the best technology for producing future Izaak Reich glasses.

Good design should be aesthetic but also practical. Since the best glasses always combine beauty with function, we needed to bring someone on the team to help find the best shape of Izaak Reich glasses for the wines we love. That's why Adam approached the best winemaker in Moravia, Mr. Jaromir Gala, who became part of the Izaak Reich team.

Our brand received a clear direction after a fateful meeting with Rony Plesl, a renowned Czech glass artist and designer. Adam enthusiastically agreed to Rony's proposal to create the first Linden collection as a tribute to the old glassmakers and the Reich family.

And because the art of telling our unconventional story to the customer requires an unconventional artist, we recruited a fourth musketeer, Mr. Aleš Najbrt. With his team, he created the visual style of the Izaak Reich brand, which expresses important values for us, such as tradition, craftsmanship, honesty, quality, and sustainability, that we want to convey to our customers.

We are honored to work with these masters in their fields. These connections underscore the necessity of taking courageous strides and transforming aspirations into actuality. 

We hope that the Izaak Reich brand will become a part of your lives and that the beauty of this old craft will endure for centuries to come, thanks to you.